Italy vs Latvia prediction

🏀 FIBA World Cup - 07 Sep 2023 - 11:45
Preview by Me_Ow
I can mention that Italy came to the quarter-finals with confidence. However, it should be added that they lost all their confidence against the United States. They were defeated by the United States by a staggering 37-point difference. I anticipate that we will see the effects of the defeat against the United States in this match as well. Latvia has defeated very strong teams throughout the tournament. They only lost to the undefeated Germany in the final moments of the game. However, I must also note that they didn't lose by a 3-point margin. Led by Bertans, Kurucs, Smits, Zagars, and Zoriks, I expect them to resist until the end in this match. I don't think Latvia will lose by a 2-point margin.