Siegemund/Zvonareva vs Brady/Stefani prediction

🎾 US Open Women WD - 08 Sep 2023 - 19:00
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The duo of Dabrowski and Routliffe will face Hsieh and Wang in the semi-finals of the WTA US Open Women's Doubles category. Dabrowski and Routliffe pulled off a major surprise by eliminating the Fernandez and Townsend duo in the quarter-finals. I should note that Fernandez and Townsend were the finalists in the last French Open. Hsieh and Wang have won 12 out of their last 13 matches, proving to be an unstoppable pair. They have continued their momentum at full throttle following their French Open championship. My preference will be for the Hsieh and Wang duo to win with a margin of at least 4 games.